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W h e e l  C l a s s e s

A series of sequential 4-week courses (3 hours per week) intended to bring a complete beginner to their desired level of proficiency on the potter’s wheel while promoting a foundational appreciation for the science, craft, and art of ceramic process, product, and practice.

Per 12 Hours of One-on-One Instruction: $400

Classes include unlimited clay and use of studio tools.

Firing limits for finished pieces increase with each session.



Session 1 ⦿ 4 weeks ⦿ All About the Basics

In this introductory 4-week course we’ll set the foundation. As you learn and practice the skills of wheel throwing, there’s a good chance you’ll get hooked! Just like any skill, throwing takes practice, and by giving the time for that practice, you’ll see the payoff in a relatively short amount of time. This session emphasizes process over product, but you’re sure to create finished pieces to be proud of! In this session, you’ll learn about:


  • Clay Properties and Stages

  • How to Prepare Clay for Use on the Wheel

  • The Fundamentals of Throwing: Centering, Opening, Pulling

  • Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Comparing and Evaluating Thrown Pieces

  • Clay Reclaim and the Beauty of Editing

Sessions 2 through 4 ⦿ (each session is 4 weeks)

The sessions following Session 1 are catered to the individual student's progress and goals, but can progress through such topics:

  • Handle making techniques

  • Trimming

  • Lidded forms

  • Closed forms

  • Donuts!

  • Plates 

  • Repeatability (working toward sets)

  • Increasing amounts of clay

  • Altering thrown forms

  • All things Glazing: mixing, dipping, layering, wax relief, plus reading test tiles, understanding glaze movement and effects

  • Other surface finishes: sgraffito, underglazes, slips, drawing or carving, etc.

  • Multi-week projects: canister set, nesting bowls, teapots, tulipieres, stacking containers, large sectioned pieces, or whatever the student wants to try!

I'm eager to reach those points where I am being challenged and together with my student am brought to the edge of new learning and discovery.

If you are already an experienced thrower but would like to add to your skills in specific ways, I'd love to see if I can help! If that's you, tell me what you're looking for in the form below.


If this sounds exciting and you're ready to start or just want to learn more,
please fill out the form below. I will reach out to you within a couple days!

And if we have not met, this is of course a one-on-one class in my home studio, so please take some time to fill out the A Little About Myself part of the form.

Wheel Class Sign-up

Thanks for signing up! I'll reach out soon to discuss next steps!

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